Wednesday, June 5, 2013

As-Builts: From Spreadsheets to Intelligent Deliverables

Often enough we receive surveys or as-builts that look like this:

.....when our design models have a higher level of detail.

Our message to all parties is that points in x,y,z coordinate space are ultimately the most useful deliverable the field can provide VDC.  With points, VDC can then provide almost any deliverable to the field with the same accuracy as the laser measurement.

With elements verfied by laser, VDC limits the company's exposure with the early knowledge of dimensional variances. 


We then re-insert these variances into the Revit model and update our structural fabrication steel process (still in the detailing phase) with accurate as-built under 24 hours.

This process keeps the work in the field moving, allowing Gilbane to maintain the aggressive schedule.